A Letter to My Nail-Biting Pregnant Self

A Letter to My Nail-Biting Pregnant Self loveanddribble.com

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Dearest Preggo,

I’d tell you not to worry, but that would be as futile as asking Justin Bieber not to be a camel-loined nobwit. So instead, let me start by saying this:

You will not accidentally kill the baby.

You won’t drop him on his head or fall down the stairs holding him.

He does roll off the bed once and you lose your sh*t, but I’m pleased to report there is no lasting damage (to you, or him).

You will spend your first month of motherhood obsessively checking whether your little one is still breathing.

I assure you, he is.

A Letter to My Nail-Biting Pregnant Self loveanddribble.com newborn baby

Okay, so the labour will chafe a bit, but afterwards you will not care.

I promise.

That nursing specialist who told you breastfeeding doesn’t hurt at all? She lied.

It does hurt. Initially. So make sure you bug all those midwives, health visitors and breastfeeding helplines with your inane questions. You’ll be glad you did.

I know you’re grossed out by me talking about boobs right now, but that won’t last long – and before you know it, you and baby will be nursing ninja masters. And you’ll love it.

When baba’s six months old you’ll reach the unexpected realisation that you’re not yet ready to stop.

Talk with and listen to your fellow new mama friends.

Because it gets lonely with a newborn at 3am – and you need someone to chat nappies, nipples and vaginas with.

You will sniff your son’s bottom on a thrice daily basis.

And wonder what he’s been eating.

You will at some point get baby poop on your forehead. And not care.

Quite frankly you could get woolly mammoth poop up there and not bat an eyelid. Childbirth makes you shameless.

Your beautiful home will be taken over by all things baby.

You’re going to need a bigger house.

There will be doubts. There will be tears. You will get stuff wrong. But that’s okay.

You will worry that you’re a terrible mother at least thirty-seven times a day. You’re not. You’re freaking AWESOME. Wipe poop from your forehead and don’t bat an eyelid awesome.

Each and every charity appeal on TV will make you cry. Finding Nemo will make you cry. Spilt milk will make you cry. Breaking a nail will make you cry.

One sleep deprived morning you will put expessed breastmilk in your cup and coffee granules in your son’s bottle. Several minutes will pass before you realise your mistake.

You will love your husband more than you can possibly imagine.

Because he becomes a greater father than you ever dreamt he would be – and watching him with your son makes your heart pound so much you think you might be sick in your mouth a little bit.

A Letter to My Nail-Biting Pregnant Self loveanddribble.com father son

You will love your son more than you love your husband.

You cannot conceive this right now, but I assure you, you will. Your husband will love the baby more than he loves you too. And you’re both okay with that.

When weaning begins, you will think salt is the devil incarnate.

One Cheesy Wotsit does not have the power to kill a child. Please refrain from swearing at the pensioner on the bus who offers your little man a single baked corn puff.

Though for reference – you’re totally within your rights to punch your brother’s girlfriend, who tries to spoon-feed him prawn madras.

When your son outright refuses to eat any of your lovingly prepared, organic vegetable purees – you will wrongly assume he’s a fuss pants.

Hand him the spoon and (as soon as he locates his own mouth) you’ll be amazed. The boy loves to eat. You just have to trust him to feed himself. That baby-led weaning hippy crap you keep hearing so much about? It has legs*.

A Letter to My Nail-Biting Pregnant Self loveanddribble.com weaning mess

*Just bid farewell to your pristine tiled kitchen floor.

And its freshly painted walls.

Oh and the windows too.

The ceiling will never be the same again either…

Google is no longer your friend.

Don’t even think about reconnecting in the wee small hours of the morning. You’ll spend a week thinking your son has smallpox.

You will still be you. Only a whole new you – with baby sick on your shoulder and peanut butter in your hair.

And although you will often worry that you’re getting it all wrong – you will like this new shabby-chic peanut butter haired you.

You will realise how much you judged mothers before becoming one yourself.

Shame on you oh Goody-Goody von Holier-than-thou Judgey Knickers.

You will try really hard not to tell your husband he’s doing it all wrong.

Reeeeaally. Hard.

You will tell your husband he’s doing it all wrong.

Just because he does things differently – doesn’t necessarily mean he’s doing them wrong.

Apart from the time your son projectile vomits on his head mid-air, because daddy decided to play ‘Aeroplanes’ with him two minutes after a feed. You’re totally okay to pull him up on that. Though it is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen.

Don’t even think about tidying away any toys mid-afternoon. It will look like Toys ‘R’ Us threw up in your living room within seconds.

Wait ‘til the end of the day.

Or week.

Or month.

You will at some point blame your child for playing with something you left within his reach.

By the time he’s ten months old, anything not kept under lock and key is within reach.

If you are unable to locate your mobile phone at any point in the next few months – it’s in the fridge.

Along with the TV remote. Because that is where you left it.

You will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

After all – it is without question, the most stupendously inspired thing you have ever, ever done.

And you couldn’t be more proud.

A Letter to My Nail-Biting Pregnant Self loveanddribble.com smiley baby montage

Sending love and dribble,

Me xxx

P.S. You’ll regret not catching the Aeroplane / head vom incident on camera until your dying day. It will tickle you forever.

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  1. Love this. I was SOOO a Goody-Goody von Holier-than-thou Judgey Knickers I’m ashamed to say now. In fact, I should probably apologise to all my friends who were mums before me for having thoughts of disgust when they let their little ones nibble on a baked corn puff! I get it now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha ha! I snuck into the club through the back door, but ssshh, don’t tell anybody! 😉

      Thank you so much for the Twitter love! Us mummies need to stick together. Who else would we talk nappies and nipples with?!

      I’ve been blogging since the end of April this year, but have been typing under a very large rock and therefore only just discovered linkys. I’m sure you’ll see more of me from now on. (I can only apologise).


  2. Love this! I was nodding along the whole way through! Is it a tiny bit obsessive that I still check that my son’s breathing at least once a day (he’s 18 months old)…? And weaning, two words- cream carpets. We seriously didn’t think that one through. Found you through #coolmumclub xx


    • Oh dear. May your cream carpets rest in peace.

      As for checking your son’s breathing? Nope, I’d say that’s totally normal. I’m often to be found zooming the camera on my son’s baby monitor at night to check his chest is still going up and down…. Too much?

      Liked by 1 person

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