BREAKING NEWS: Pregnant Woman Gives Birth. Again

loveanddribble.comApproximately nine months after playing ‘hide the sausage’ with her husband, a pregnant woman has given birth. To a baby. Somewhere in the posh part of London.

The father is said to have been present at the birth, as well as the conception.

It’s a Baby

The little girl, weighing in at a healthy 8lbs 3oz, is the couple’s second child – a younger sister to 21 month old George. It has been widely reported by people who have never met them that with one boy and one girl – their family is now complete.

Easy Labour

The mother was understood to be in the early stages of labour when admitted to hospital at approximately 06:00 BST, giving birth at 08:34.

People who were not present at the birth and have never pushed a baby out of their foof have observed how lucky she was to have an “easy labour”.

Name Speculation

Alice and Charlotte remain the bookies’ favourite names for the infant, though they are rather dull.

Let’s face it – with a big brother named George, “The Dragon” would be so much cooler.

Alternatively, she could be named after one of her parents’ good friends – David Beckham. They do share a birthday after all. BREAKING NEWS: Pregnant Woman Gives Birth. Again

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