The Single Most Important Truth About Childbirth

Whether your baby enters this world through natural labour, c-section or riding the crest of a wave on the back of a dayglow unicorn – it really doesn’t matter.     

For me, the prospect of giving birth was far worse than the reality. Despite reading every baby book under the sun, attending a multitude of antenatal classes, buying pretty much every baby care product Mothercare had in stock, extensively researching the best cot/bedding/car seat/travel system/monitor/steriliser/breast pump/nappy cream/nipple cream/wet wipes/TENS machine/ways to have a joyous pain-free labour – I foolishly overlooked one thing: just how much I’d love my son. Nothing else comes close. Nothing. At all. Ever.


So, the single most important truth about childbirth that I wish to impart, is this:

It’s totally worth it.

The Single Most Important Truth About Childbirth

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  1. You’re right – nothing could have prepared me for that deep love. Whilst so many people told me it would be hard (parenthood that is) I don’t really remember anyone telling me how much love we would feel.

    I do think, however, that how a child enters this world does matter. There are many ways a child can be born and whilst none are intrinsically “right” or “wrong”, “how” does matter because women’s choices matter. The right for women to be informed, empowered and choose how they give birth, and for those choices to be respected and honoured is incredibly important.


    • You’re absolutely right Nahma. Good point – well made. Our choices do matter. I think for me, I fretted beforehand that my labour might not be straightforward – and it wasn’t, but once my newborn son was lying there, naked on my chest – I realised I simply no longer cared.


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