Brilliant Bedtime Books: Hippospotamus

Brilliant Bedtime Books: Hippospotamus

3 and a half heartsWritten by Jeanne Willis, Illustrated by Tony Ross

Hippopotamus had a spotamus… on her bottamus!

Oh Jeanne, you had me at “bottamus”. And Tony – any man who can draw a binoculared ladybird examining a hippo’s spot(amus) on said bott(amus) is okay by me. Bravo.

In a Nutshell

Hippo has an unfortunate spot on her behind and her ill-qualified jungle chums attempt to diagnose and cure it – to no avail.

“It’s Measles!” said Weasel”. “It’s Hippopox!” said Fox.

Laced with cute pictures and fun, rhyming wordplay, this is an adorable book of silliness. Don’t expect a deep, meaningful moral (there isn’t one) but so long as your child doesn’t try to re-enact the tale by exposing their rear to next door’s cocker spaniel, they’ll come away relatively unscathed.

Giggle city.

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